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The Pathway Project ™️

Preparing Youth for Life After High School

What if during your senior year of high school it was a requirement to sit down with a financial specialist? And that program produced a financial plan that would set you up for whichever pathway (college, entrepreneurship, trade) you wanted to take. 

College Campus

Pathway 1

College is usually the first pathway after high school most students, parents and teachers believe is the most logical.

In this pathway students will explore the college admission process from a financial perspective. They will evaluate the financial burden of college and how to alleviate the pressure in order to eliminate one barrier and stress associated with attending college. Students will also be able to assess their eligibility for financial aid and apply for several grants and scholarships that apply to them. They will be fully informed of the dangers of student loans and how to manage debt properly. Not to mention being introduced to budgeting in a positive light so as to nurture a healthy relationship with managing money.

Pathway 2

So what if you, or your young adult, doesn't want to go to college? In this pathway students will explore the reality of creating a living breathing business. Young entrepreneurship is definitely on the rise and with the availability that virtual life provides it's that much easier for youth to become more involved in the entrepreneurship world. The reality is that not everyone wants to go to college and many drop out after or halfway through their first year. This provides a healthier alternative from waisting the potential of the student. Students will learn the fundamentals of building a business BUT will also be exposed to financial expect! This way they are fully set up for success the moment they complete the program.

Pathway 3

While entrepreneurship is a viable alternative to college entrepreneurship is not for everyone! It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, persistence and most importantly consistency. Fear not! The idea of these pathways is to persuade students to become involved in the economy and produce a life of meaning at the same time. So if college isn't it, and entrepreneurship isn't it, what is? Picking up a trade! Before they began to dismantle the effectiveness of education to truly prepare students for life after high school trades were actually apart of the curriculum. So why not bring them back? Trades actually lead to booming careers and financial stability. In this pathway students will explore all of the opportunities of attending a trade school.

What's Included?

Every pathway includes personal finance basics. Students will learn:

Elements of Financial Health

Credit 101

Students in Pathway 1 will build a Student Financial Plan

Students in Pathway 2 will build a Business Financial Plan

Students in Pathway 3 will build a Career Financial Plan

To ensure students are FULLY prepared to begin adulting once they graduate high school

The Media Aspect


What's special about this program in particular? Students will be given video homework every week. For the final presentation students will be asked to create a documentary style video compilation for their pathway. The student with the most well thought out and entertaining presentation for each pathway will be able to have their full documentary shown on RoyalTEA (available on Youtube, Facebook Watch & IGTV)


Each presentation will then be entered to win a GUEST SPOT on CREAM Academy to discuss their project and have clips shown. CREAM Academy is a Talk Show about financial literacy & financial therapy. It streams on ROKU TV, Apple TV, Firestick TV,  Web TV, IOS, Android, Youtube, Facebook Watch, IGTV, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more podcast platforms via Anchor). The student who is able to get their documentary the most views on RoyalTEA will win a trip to Houston TX to record LIVE on set


Donations received will be used in an effort to bring each enrolled students’ pathway choice to light & pay for the winner of the competition flight/stay in Houston TX

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