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We strategically partnered with community organizations to enrich their programs with financial literacy and infuse financial self care as they're leaders in the Community

Young Boss Media,  incorporated in New York and based in Chelsea, produces media that will empower youth to gain ownership over their image, voice, and economic & political future. 

Through our partnership we will be providing two fold programming. We will be providing quality content through our new show RoyalTEA. RoyalTEA is a talk show to Teach Economic Advocacy. Informing the Black community on policies, procedures & programs that affect our money on an international, national, and local level


What if during your senior year of high school it was a requirement to sit down with a financial specialist? And that program produced a financial plan that would set you up for whichever pathway (college, entrepreneurship, trade) you wanted to take. This program is designed to do just that! In fact it infuses financial literacy, financial therapy, financial planning AND financial media

Elevated Expectations is a non profit that's mission is to produce options not generally found in the day to day living of inner city youths, which will allow these kids to be able to make better-informed decisions on their futures.

Through our exclusive partnership with Elevated Expectations we've created a financial literacy program for ages 14+ that runs side by side with the school semester


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