RoyalTEA Informs the Black Community/Diaspora on the usage of community funds by the government, how to build a sustainable community ecosystem, and who the community leaders are to seek guidance from

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Meet the Host

Queen Candace is a self-taught Money Management Specialist from Brooklyn, NY with a Bachelors in Psychology.  Growing up her family wasn’t very knowledgeable about finances and passed down quite a few financial generational curses. In 2015 she found herself in 50K debt. During her debt payoff journey, she realized a lot of her spending was due to emotional triggers. She used her knowledge of psychology, mental health diagnosis, financial research along with trial and error to clear her debt. Not only that but within the same year of paying off the rest of her debt, she also established her business and purchased her first home at the age of 26. Her mission is to help the black community switch to a wealth mindset through financial literacy, financial planning, and financial therapy.

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